Before I went to esthetic school, I always had trouble with: “how can I take good care of my skin, what skin care products should I buy, what ingredients should I be looking for et cetera that will give my skin a nice healthy look?”

I remember my girlfriend and I had such a good time in the beauty aisle staring and reading all the popular brand labels and be so excited over all the promises being made.
All those ingredients sounded like a foreign language to me!

Eventually we simply grabbed the “prettiest” looking box from the shelf and teased each other with the most scientific and funny sounding ingredients, my friend told me with a playful smile on her face: Ohhh yeahhh, that is exactly what you need, it has Co-Q10 in it, (we had no idea) that is awesome! Just buy it! And usually I did.

It was always a long and difficult decision as my head was spinning with brand names, ingredients, lots of promises and incredible special offers!
We would celebrate our fun day of shopping with a nice elegant dinner at one of our favorite restaurants and felt perfectly happy with our selections until the next morning, when I finally gave the product a big test and applied it on my face.

– It is a little bit heavy, just gliding and gliding without absorption into my skin
– My face was shiny, and I was hoping it would change after a while but just got even shinier later
– Smells funny, the perfume in it is not my favorite scent and a bit strong
– And I had to smell it ALL day long!, (very annoying)
– Sometimes my face even felt a little bit itchy

In the worst case scenario, I did get a pretty bad rash all over my face from one of the moisturizer I purchased from my neighbor lady, who used to sell one of those telemarketer products.
Of course I was sure that time, if I buy a good moisturizer, it will cover all of my skin needs and I did everything I could to have the most glowing, beautiful skin ever!
Now as a licensed esthetician, I know there is a lot more involved to having healthy skin. And that is the primary reason why I recommend you come for a facial so I can determine your skin type and current condition. It’s so very important to use the right products on your face on a daily basis!
My job and my passion are the same: to share all of my knowledge and experience to guide you through the “skincare jungle” in order to keep your skin healthy and youthful!

Please take a moment and read this information below, that further explains why you should buy products from your skincare specialist! (That’s me 🙂 )