Love the space! It is welcoming, calming and rejuvenating. There is also plenty of parking which is always a plus. Top notch!
Aranka is awesome! I’ve been seeing Aranka for a facial and back facial for 6 months and she has completely transformed my acne covered skin to beautiful clear skin. Aranka is passionate about what she does and has such a soft soothing touch. I always leave feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. You can tell that she really cares about her clients. She also does a beautiful job with eyebrow waxing. I was incredibly impressed.

Andrea T

It’s a fresh, friendly space with soothing wall colors and cheerful furniture. There’s ample parking, too!

Top Notch!!! Aranka educated me on how to best care for my skin. Her angelic hands gave the best facial massage I’ve ever experienced! The products she used calmed down my rosacea, and the next day my skin looked and felt 100x better. I bought some items from her skincare line; they’re working wonderfully to hydrate my skin and calm my rosacea. I have booked my next appointment, and plan to keep going to Aranka. She’s highly professional & extremely knowledgeable!!! Plus she’s very sweet!

Catherine G

Went back for a face wax and a brow tint. As usual, the experience was top notch. Aranka is the only one who can wax your skin and you wont have any red marks the next day. Always a pleasant experience. The best!

Irene H

I chose Aranka because she was close to my work and I could get a brow wax on my lunch break. I have never had such an ENJOYABLE wax! She was friendly, professional, affordable, thorough, and my brows look like works of art! The best part was no redness or swelling when I left. I didn’t even know that was possible! I am recommending her to everyone and booked my next brow wax the minute I got back to the office. Next, a facial!!!

Mariah W

I’ve been here twice for underarm waxing, and Aranka is one of the most detail-oriented and thorough aestheticians I’ve ever been to. She’s professional without being cold, and goes above and beyond to get the job done. Price wise, it’s a little more expensive than larger chains you’d find in bigger cities, but definitely less than other places in this area. Her studio is small but comfortable, and she only sees one client at a time so it’s very private. The online scheduling is easy and reliable. I highly recommend giving this place a try if you’re in need of some skincare services!

Sarah Z

I am a serious wuss when it comes to waxing. I had a beach trip coming up so I went to see Aranka after seeing a few positive recommendations about her on a facebook group. She is so sweet and gentle, very professional and makes you feel comfortable (which is important when you’re on your hands and knees and nude). She doesn’t talk your ear off and plays nice soothing music. She takes her time and is thorough and knows how to minimize pain, making sure you’re okay after each wax. I really like that her salon is small and private, she’s the only one there and so you are the only client during your treatment. No answering phones or other distractions. She even gave me free product simply because she was discontinuing carrying that item. Small and private, local, personalized professional care by a very sweet woman, you won’t be disappointed!

Alice E

As a guy, it’s not really acceptable to be going around with hairy ears, nostrils, or neck or other hairy regions unless you’re over 90 or a president from the 1800’s. And if you don’t think it matters, ask the person you’re in a relationship with what they think. And if you’re single, well maybe that’s why. In any case, do yourself a favor and get that unwanted hair waxed as it’s what the well groomed professional man does today and why you may have been passed over for that last promotion. And if you’re afraid, then the saying “man up” applies to you but really it’s no big deal as Aranka knows how to minimize any discomfort. I promise you that special person in your life will not only notice, they’ll greatly appreciate it. Book with Aranka today!

Stephen L

Aranka did a wonderful facial. I was struggling with stress-related acne and she was able to calm my skin down and help it heal. An excellent experience!

Lyn A

The spa is very relaxing, beautiful, clean and modern. I just had the most wonderful experience in facial skincare, my skin looks amazing. I am thrilled with the way Aranka treated me both with her hands and her personality. I will be her long time client without any doubt because Aranka can make my skin look beautiful and young without having surgery.

Szusza S

The venue is nice, intimate, and calming. It is definitely an atmosphere that is relaxing and rejuvenating. Aranka is awesome! She has been providing waxing services for me since I moved to Asheville last summer, and I have always been pleased with her work. She takes her time to ensure you receive a quality experience and follows up with you after you leave as well to make sure your services turned out well. She is knowledgable about products and what is best for your skin type. I highly recommend her!

Robin H

FINALLY!  I’ve found my waxer.  Having looked all over South Asheville, I finally found a waxer that is a true artist.  I moved from Chicago six months ago where women cling to their artisanal waxers like they were very expensive cocktails at the Four Seasons.  When a regular for a brazillian or a bikini, you want the best; and, women up north refer their waxers with unabashed pride.  “Have I got the waxer for you!”  After all, you are trusting them with your woohoo!  Aranka is THAT waxer and price wise, she is competitive if you want it done right.  I’ve spent far more on mediocre waxing in Asheville.  She listens and adjusts based on the customer’s preferences.  Sold!

Jean D

European Skincare and Spa is my new favorite place! Scheduling my appointment was so easy from her website. I was able to pick the day and time that worked best for me and the services I needed within minutes. As I am always on the run, the ease of scheduling an appointment had me already excited for amazing appointment.

I had the pleasure of Aranka to do my facial. After a very thorough consultation of my needs, wants and my the health of my skin, she recommended the facial which she thought would be best. Her knowledge of skincare is without a doubt professional! I knew immediately that I was here for more than a facial, I was going to leave with healthier skin. Her expertise put me a ease as did her soothing and relaxing touch. At some point I actually fell asleep from her magical hands.

I received a follow up from Aranka the very next day asking how my face was, which by the way is still glowing 4 days later. She recommended a line of products to use at home in-between appointments but honestly 4 weeks could not go by fast enough as I am already looking forward to my next appointment!

The spa is also very attractive and clean and Aranka could not be more friendly. I would definitely recommend this spa.

Teona R

Aranka was amazing – very professional, thorough, and still quick. Considering the lack of privacy that occurs when getting waxed, she made me feel very comfortable! Only the 2nd time I’ve every been waxed, but I would come back to her for sure (and I don’t live near Asheville)!

Courtney R

Had my first visit yesterday for a facial. Aranka has a light touch and magical fingers. My skin feels great even the next day. She is very sensitive to each individual’s skin needs. I will be back.

Ann H

Aranka is the BEST eyebrow waxer I’ve ever gone to. She is extremely good at shaping and takes her time. It’s the most relaxing experience too (and I would never say that about waxing before)! Every time I go in I know she’s going to do an impeccable job. Before her my eyebrows were extremely thin and with her help they’ve grown back in and have a beautiful shape! I highly recommend her!

Lauren B